The Secret to Why So Many People are Spending Their Vacation in Italy in 2014

Spring is here, and time is marching on. Before we can blink it will be summer and then it will only be a short time until our vacations roll around. We have been working hard all year round knowing that, just for one or two weeks, we can escape the rat race and head off to warmer climes.

There are two problems standing in the way of us going on the holiday of our dreams; finance and destination. There are many ways we can fund our holiday, here are a few suggestions if you are running low on capital:

  • Part time job.

  • Credit card.

  • Sell something.

  • Take out a loan.

  • Payday loan; only of you are sure you can pay it back quickly.

  • Send your partner out to work.

In fact, no method of raising cash is too extreme to be considered, if you are to enjoy a magical time in another country,

Next we have the problem of destination. There are so many holiday destinations it can be hard to settle on one choice. Let’s see if we can make the process of selecting the best holiday for you a little easier.

Style of Holiday

The style of holiday that you set off on may be predetermined by your age, health, or interests. Here are a few ideas.

  • Skiing. Skiing is only a good choice if you are fit and healthy. Someone with arthritis or lung problems, for example, is obviously not suited to an icy holiday.

  • Educational. If you love history and improving your general knowledge, them maybe a place with many museums and historic buildings will suit your taste.

  • Heat. Are you a sun worshiper? The nearer you head toward the equator, the greater the chance you will enjoy some glorious sunshine.

  • Relaxation. Maybe a luxury hotel is on your agenda this year.

There is good news; all of the above features can be discovered in one country, Italy.


There are some fantastic resorts for you to discover in Italy that are less crowded than Swiss Austrian alternatives.

Take Courmayeur, for example. Here you will find slopes for every level of skiing capability, incredible food, and transfers from three different airports. Courmayeur is one of many fine ski retreats in the heights of Italy where a holiday can be booked from or many other companies on the internet.


If you are a history fan, there are not many places in Europe that will feed your intellect as well as Italy can. We are taught about the Romans at school, and this gives many people an appetite for ancient buildings and artifacts. Rome had a big part in Christian history as the roman soldiers and leaders played their part in the story of the Bible. After creating an empire that spanned most of Europe and parts of Asia, the collapse of the great civilisation came about relatively quickly. They left behind them, however, many wonders to behold. During your visit to Italy, you are well advised to see these places.

  • The Flavian Amphitheatre as it is otherwise known is located in the centre of Rome itself. Vespasian, an emperor, began its construction, but it was finished at around 80 ad by his successor. It is estimated that when it was complete it could hold around seventy thousand people at an event. It has been discovered that the colosseum could be converted to hold a massive pool where famous sea battles could be re-enacted in front of a capacity crowd. The sight must have been truly wonderous. Also, the gladiatorial contests took place there where people were brutally slain at the whim of the crowd. The colosseum today stands partially ruined thanks to the reclamation of stone and an earthquake in the past, but it is still a stunning landmark and a statement that has spanned millennia, showing the power of ancient Rome.

  • While you are in Italy, you may like to drop in and see the Pope. Vatican city is a walled area inside Rome. It is the centre of the catholic faith and millions of people from all over the world come to visit their spiritual home. Within the walls of Vatican City can be found the Sistine Chapel, the ceiling of which was famously painted by the master; Michelangelo. The fresco scenes were painted over a six year period. Hardly surprising at a time in the 16th century when rollers hadn’t been invented.

  • Museums in  Rome are plentiful and house priceless gems from the greatest times and artists in history. The two Capitoline Museums can be entered by paying only one entrance fee. Inside The Palazzo Nuovo, the smaller of the two, are housed Roman and ancient Greek statues and busts. The larger of the twin museums Palazzo dei Conservatori houses great paintings from the masters such as Caravaggio, Van Dyck and Veronese. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss those priceless pieces.

  • Who could ever visit Italy without paying a visit to The Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is almost compulsory to have your photograph taken while posing in such a way that it appears you are holding the tower up. We have all done it at least once. It is almost 56m tall and was originally a bell tower serving the cathedral at Pisa. Construction began of this marvel during the twelfth century, and the tower was added to for over one hundred and ninety years.

As you can see there is no shortage of fine things to appreciate in Italy, listed here are but a few.

There is also no shortage of fine beaches along Italy’s rugged coastline. Hire a car and take a drive along the mountain switchback roads that have appeared in films such as The Italian Job and many others.

As well as the adventure, history, sunshine and relaxed pace of Italian life, there is also fine cuisine to be found at cafes and restaurants. Was the beautiful pasta sauces down with a glass of wine made from grapes produced in local vineyards too. Italy has a high quality wine industry. If you are going on a Mediterranean cruise this year, make sure to book one that will spend a couple of nights in an Italian port, you won’t be disappointed.




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