The Top Things to Do on Holiday in Thailand

People from all over the world dream of taking a holiday in exotic, invigorating Thailand. If you get to live the dream at one time or another what will you do once you get there? This is a fantastic travel destination and you certainly won’t be short of options for having fun. The following are some of the top ones.

Hit the Beach

Even if you don’t normally care much for beach holidays you won’t be able to resist heading down to the sand in Thailand. If you go on Pattaya or Phuket holidays you will be near some of the finest beaches you are ever likely to see. These are hugely popular resorts which attract visitors from all over the world.

Do Some Shopping

Ask anyone just back from Thailand what they most enjoyed and there is a good chance that they mention the shopping. This is a magnificent country for buying clothes, crafts and just about anything else. Bangkok is clearly where you will find most shopping opportunities but no matter where you are in the country you should look for possibilities to snap up some bargains. Shopping is great fun here and your money will go a long way if you stay away from the classiest shopping centres.

Eat Well

You might already be a fan of Thai food but nothing will prepare you for the experience of arriving there and trying it for real. Different regions of the country have different types of cuisine, so if you are going to be travelling around you will get to sample a lot of variety if your meals. Street food is rampant here and this is one of the most interesting ways to try out a few local flavours. If you have a delicate stomach then you might want to break yourself in gently rather than running straight over the street vendors and buying lots of spicy food. The food might be very different from that which you eat at your local Thai restaurant back home but there will be the same complex mix of differing elements which typifies the cuisine from this country.

See the Sights

All over Thailand you will find ornate temples, authentic markets and other great sights. These buildings give a tremendous backdrop to any holiday as well as a unique background for your photos. Be sure to check out before you go what the best sights neat your hotel and further afield are. Many visitors find that a trip to the countryside is the highlight of their time here, so it is something worth bearing in mind.

Make Some New Friends


The Thai people are famously friendly and are sure to make you feel welcome. Once you relax and feel comfortable in the surroundings you should try and relax and start communicating with the locals. Even if the language barrier stops you from any meaningful conversation you will find that some sign language and a broad smile go a long way when there are good intentions on both sides.


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