Tired of Dealing with Jet Lag? Give Light Therapy a Try

Do you frequently travel across multiple time zones and when you arrive at your destination feeling extremely fatigued because your body is struggling to adjust? Then you’re experiencing a well known condition called jet lag which affects most people who travel quickly from east to west or west to east wherein they cross several time zones. Long-distance flying can be debilitating as a wide variety of factors can all contribute to the misery of jet lag including breathing recycled air for long periods of time, hearing non-stop low-level noises, airline connections that disrupt your sleep and eating foods you’re not familiar with.

One method of combating the effects of jet lag that an increasing number of frequent travellers are turning to is light therapy. This treatment for jet lag consists of helping your body adapt to the new destination time zone by receiving artificial light that mimics natural sunlight. There are manufacturers out there today that make special light therapy lamps, light boxes and light visors which are designed to provide you with artificial light that mimics natural sunlight. You simply expose your eyes to this light so that you’re able to get yourself back on track wherein you’re able to function normally by being awake when you should and asleep during the night time hours in the time zone you’ve arrived at.

If you happen to be a busy executive whose job requires that you travel frequently across several time zones, you know how important it is that you’re well-rested and alert for those important meetings you have scheduled. Consider finding a retailer online that sells portable, rechargeable light therapy lamps so you can fight the devastating effects of jet lag when you’re busy flying the friendly skies across numerous time zones. Light therapy is a method many frequent fliers use to combat the negative effects of jet lag such as airline pilots and flight attendants.

Reference – www.sad.org.uk

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