Top 10 Incognito Hip Flasks

A Traveller’s Best Friend

Rain, thunderstorms, it’s cold – and you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, hiding a in a cave using it as a shelter. Nevertheless as everyone knows best – HOPE DIES LAST! You get your backpack and start searching until you find the life saver – Your Trusty Hip Flask with a nice Black Label scotch.

Okay, I am getting carried away, but generally a hip flask can be a great and worthy companion whilst travelling through the world. Of course, this isn’t meant to get you drunk every night in a different country. The main focus is using the hip flask for emergency situations, such as first aid disinfecting wounds; fighting the cold; and surely when you are lonely – especially if it’s an engraved hip flask with a message from your loved one! However, to conceal your desire of a nice black label, there are very unique incognito hip flasks available. I have listed my personal top 10 of the craziest hip flasks around!

Bible Hip Flask – For the Holy Traveller

I’m not suggesting you should drink in church, well, unless it’s from the Holy Chalice. However, keep this flask in sight and you may persuade your father-in-law that you are a devout spouse.

Golf Putter Hip Flask – For The Golf Tourist

Ok, this would probably not fool anyone but this is the perfect conversation starter, at least if you are in a golf club. “Hey, did I tell you about my last swing?”

Camera Hip Flask – They’ll Never Know!

This is worthy of James Bond. Just remember to put the right camera in your luggage, or you will find yourself with different holiday shots.

Bra Hip Flask – Cheeky Cheeky!

This is for women who do not mind getting an extra bra size and a provision of liquor to fuel their night. You can be sure even guys will appreciate it.

 Lipstick Hip Flask – For Hopeless Romantics

Another must-have for clubbing women, it actually holds up to 4 oz or 125 ml. Now you know why girls apply lipstick every now and then.

Binoculars Hip Flask – For The Bird Watcher

You may not use them for bird-watching, but these binoculars look so real no one will ever know they are concealing a precious liquid. The perfect gift for any sports fan or outdoor enthusiast.

 Walkman Hip Flask – For Retro Adventures!

This retro gadget is cooler than an iPod. And there’s no beer app that can match what this gizmo can do for your nights out. Shaped just like a classic 80s Walkman, it also features some fake buttons that add to the perfection.

Sandals Hip Flask – Sex on the Beach?

Next summer, get a new pair of sandals. They are a bit pricier than standard sandals but come with a surprise: each flip-flop has a compartment for up to 3 shots of spirits. Don’t blame the whiskey if it has a funny smell, though.

 Blackberry Hip Flask – Stealth

This model has a vintage look but I challenge anybody to have a look at this mock BlackBerry and figure out it’s a flask. And you can also buy a leather carrying case for it.

Hammer Hip Flask – Actually Quite Practical

OK, it’s a bit over-the-top, but you could pretend to put the tent and chill out instead. However, you don’t want to jeopardize your drink, so why not just pour it into a glass in front of your travel companions and see the expression on their faces?

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Ben is a travel enthusiast who backpacks across Europe to experience life how it should be. When he isn’t on the road, you’ll find him writing for PGS, an engraved gifts shop that makes sending a gift to your dear ones a pleasure.



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