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Adventure travel is an area of tourism that is growing rapidly through our engagement with social media and millions of us are adopting a fresh, modern take on these days. It appears many of us are grasping onto the idea of “you only live once”.

So we are taking life by the reigns and holding on for dear life as we journey to destinations off the grid to take part in extreme activities that test our courage and hopefully allow us to have fun while doing so.

There are many destinations that offer different kinds of adventure holidays. Here you will discover the top destinations where you can find thrilling activities that are guaranteed to raise the hairs on the back of your neck and have your senses burst into adventure overload.

Banff, Canada

Nestled amidst the Rocky Mountains is the resort town of Banff, located within Banff National Park. With château-style hotels and eclectic restaurants, this quaint town makes for a perfect holiday during the cooler or warmer months. The striking skyline of Mount Rundle and Mt Cascade cannot be missed from any point in the town and the stunning landscapes create a breathe-taking setting.

Banff is well known for its abundance of outdoor activities which scale from tranquil horse-back riding treks to white water rafting. There is so much to do in Banff, the adventure seeker will not be disappointed. In the winter months, popular activities include snowshoeing through the powdery wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, ice walking over the frozen creek in Grotto Canyon, touring the unique site of Athabasca Glacier and of course taking on the highly-rated slopes to go skiing or snowboarding.

In the summer months, Banff seems like a different world from the winter dreamland that existed just a few months previously. White-water rafting through the rivers of the Rockies is the ultimate summer activity when visiting Banff with different levels to suit everyone. The beautiful Bow River gifts us calm waters to enjoy a kayak or canoe trip, but if this is too tame for you, why not take on an alpine climbing adventure with fixed iron ropes. This is a perfect way to become one with nature and see the Rockies from a unique perspective.

Whatever your level of thrill seeking, Banff, Canada is an idyllic location for all things adventure and the magnificent backdrop isn’t too bad either.

Kos, Greece

Some of us love to go on adventure holidays but sometimes when travelling with family or friends it is difficult to find a destination that suits everyone’s preferences. For those who want to keep busy with outdoor activities but are travelling with others who would rather lay by the pool, Kos is the ideal destination. Leave your loved ones on their sun lounger while you take part in some awesome water sports and mountain trips.

Many of the resorts in Kos, like Mark Warner Resorts, offer on-site outdoor activities which means you won’t be straying too far from your family or friends while you take on some heart racing excursions. Kos is well-renowned for its windsurfing culture which is a great experience for beginners or experts and sailing is a fantastic way to test your abilities and get out on the gorgeous Aegean Sea.

If you are more of a land shark, Kos is famous for its incredible mountain biking trails which are comprised of steep inclines and exhilarating, speedy descents. This is a great way to explore this stunning Greek island and discover viewpoints inaccessible to others. If biking isn’t your thing, there are many trekking and hiking trails that cannot be missed. Kos is the perfect holiday destination as it has options to keep everyone entertained and having a great time.

Queenstown, New Zealand

For the ultimate adventure junkie, Queenstown is the mecca of all things adrenaline pumping. The birthplace of the bungy jump, Queenstown boasts a list of exhilarating activities that seems to be endless. A great location in the cold and warm months, there is so much to do and to see.

This charming town which is surrounded by the stunning mountain range known as The Remarkables (which truly live up to its name) is comprised of quaint shops and diverse restaurants which radiate an electrifying vibe which can be felt by all visitors. The breathe-taking landscapes alone present their own sense of adventure and create an eagerness to get out in the open and become one with the wilderness.

For the thrill seekers, a visit to Nevis, New Zealand’s highest bungy is a must. 440 feet high, the Nevis Bungy has become world famous, attracting people from all over the world to come to New Zealand and take part in this adventure seeker’s ritual.

While Bungy is one of the biggest thrill attractions in New Zealand, there are plenty of other options to get your heart racing. Sky dive over the beautiful mountains, white-water raft through glacier rivers and even go on a white-knuckle speed boat ride.

New Zealand is never short of things to do to keep the excitement flowing during your adventure trip and is a must visit destination for any traveller looking to push their adrenaline limit.

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