Top Destinations For A Trekking Holiday

As anyone who already enjoys walking holidays will know, there really is no better way of relinquishing the stresses of modern life and becoming at one with nature. These type of trips can obviously be rather tiring, but it’s a different sort of exhaustion than we usually experience, one that’s good for both the mind and the body. Still, novices should start small and work their way up, which is exactly why I’m writing this article today. All too often we hear of people who haven’t enjoyed a walking break because they failed to prepare properly and managed to wear themselves out. This is why I’ll start by discussing one of the less enduring destinations before moving onto the ones we’ve all heard of.

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Although this country is famous for its “highlands”, Scotland actually has some of the least tiresome walking routes in the world, perfect for anyone who’s just getting started in this game. I’ve chosen to add this destination because it’s attached to the UK and has a long and interesting history attached. Indeed, there are some sights in Scotland that can only be reached via walking paths, and so this should give you something to work (or walk) towards. At the end of the day, overreaching yourself during the first few expeditions you take could result in injury or a less than enjoyable experience – which are both things you want to avoid at all costs.

Nepal / China

Mount Everest is probably one of the most famous locations on earth, especially amongst the trekking community, and as the border line between China and Nepal runs right across the summit, it can usually be accessed from either side. Anyone wishing to book an Everest base camp trek should spend some time ensuring they have all the relevant climbing gear, because the terrain and the weather conditions are known to be a little unpredictable. Even so, only a handful of people (in the grand scheme of things) have ever reached the highest point of this mountain, which means joining their ranks could be a significant achievement for people with the inclination.


The mountain city of Machu Picchu in Peru is one of the most intriguing places on earth, not least because its history is all but unknown. Nobody really understands why ancient Inca people decided to live so high up in the mountains, but many suspect it was to remain safe from harm and be closer to the heavens. Still, the trek to this point will take a few days to complete and will almost certainly leave you with an intense feeling of achievement. Also, people from all over the world walk the length of these tracks every single year, so you could meet some rather interesting people along the way.

There are many other popular destinations of course, and I’d feel stupid for not mentioning Kilimanjaro in Africa. If you really want a cultural experience like no other you’ve had before, this is one location you music visit at some point in the future, but more about that next time.

Stay safe and if you need anymore travel safety tips check out this guide.

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