Top five honeymoon destinations

Who doesn’t dream of an idyllic honeymoon with their sweetheart?

Here are five of the best destinations around:

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is the perfect location for romance. From the breathtaking scenery, to the secluded hikes in beautiful rainforest, you would find a hard time finding somewhere more beautiful, not to mention the miles of unspoilt beaches and mountains. The tropical weather and welcoming accommodations mean that you’ll have a great time whether inside or out.


Not just content with being considered a wonder of the world, Maldives is also well known for being welcoming to travellers. It also boasts an impressive range of activities, from snorkelling to diving or surfing. It is the perfect honeymoon spot for the more active newlyweds.


Mauritius is such a diverse holiday destination. It has a vibrant capital, Port Louis, with colourful markets and businesses juxtaposed with picturesque mountains. You can wander along beautiful beaches one day on the north side, and then discover the south side, which has dramatically different landscape as it is not shielded by coral reef along its coastline. It also has much to do, such as visit the island extinct volcano or go snorkelling in the coral reef.


Completely surrounded in history and culture, Egypt is an amazing experience for any new couple. You can choose from a Nile cruise or visiting the pyramids. The historic first-class resorts mean that you will have a memorable trip to talk about every anniversary! When staying in Egypt there are many options available too, you can vary your catering to all inclusive and luxurious to more free range. Several restaurants also offer private beaches and bungalows so you can really make the most of your time alone together.


Perfect for the more adventurous travellers; Iceland offers so many different ways to spend your honeymoon. If the landscape itself doesn’t draw you in, with its ice –capped volcanoes, geysers and stunning coastline, then you’ll surely be impressed with Reykjavik; Iceland’s compact city. Its hotels leave little to be desired, and you’ll holiday knowing that you have the freedom to explore as much as you want.

So for these beautiful escapes, and even more offer luxury honeymoons for any kind of couple no matter what the budget.


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