Top Tips for Travelling in Style

Most of us enjoy travelling and seeing new places around the world. However, there are many different ways of travelling these days, aren’t there? If you are fed up arriving tired and looking a touch bedraggled then these tips might be just what you need to travel in style and arrive feeling good.

Take Travel Sized Products

Whether it is your toothpaste, your favourite perfume or your Max Factor mascara you are sure to find travel versions you can take with you. Most long trips will give you a chance to freshen up at some point along the way and you just need to be ready to take advantage of it. Online is a good place to look for travel sized products and sites like Cosmetics4less will let you stock up without splashing out too much. Don’t forget to visit site before you start your packing! These will also come in useful once you arrive to your destination and most are long lasting enough to see you arrive home in style as well.

Plan Some Breaks

If you want to arrive looking good then maybe you should consider breaking the journey up into 2 or more chunks instead of one long journey. A nice in a decent hotel might eat up some of your time but it will leave you feeling good for the next day’s travelling. A good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast is a lot better than rushing from one flight to another and trying to sleep in midair.

Take Some Accessories

Travelling for many hours with the same clothes on can leave you feeling tired and grubby. You might want to take some spare clothes for changing on the way but simply adding some fresh accessories to the outfit is a lot easier. Try packing some jewellery and maybe a scarf or a hat in your hand luggage. As you are about to get to your destination you can squirt on some perfume and then give your outfit a new look with these accessories.

Use Smart Gadgets

It used to be that we had to pack books, travel guides, maps, magazines and language guides with us before a long trip. This is no longer the case if you are smart about it. A smart phone, a tablet or an e-Reader can make your packing a lot easier and give you all of the information in one place. It is worth spending some time investigating the different apps or books you can put on it before you head off.

Save Space

There are few things worse than travelling with a mountain of hand luggage which ends up cramping your travelling space or making it extremely difficult to get around. You will only want to take the basics in your hand luggage so you should revise it several times and aim to cut down on the size each time. For example, you don’t need to take a whole pack of tissues or cotton buds when you could simply put a few into your bag. Using the same less is more approach you should be able to cut down on the size of your luggage quite effectively.

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