Unusual UK Wedding Venues

You hear of the plans of fellow fiancées, who are going to get married with the beautiful backdrop of sand, sea and the setting sun. But you’re staying in the UK for your wedding … but don’t think of it as a bad thing. The beaches may not be as golden, and the weather not as warm, but there are plenty of wedding packages uk based to ensure that you have a dazzling day. Rather than going exotic, why not try eccentric? There are many venues that will make sure your guests never forget your wedding.

Nash Point Lighthouse – South Wales

If you’re looking to make your venue to high point of your big day, why not try a lighthouse? Nash Point is one of the few working lighthouses that are licensed to do weddings. Although it’s small, it makes the ceremony that much more personal. There are even cottages nearby that are perfect for a quiet and romantic getaway honeymoon.

Kempton Park – Middlesex

For those who love horse racing, Kempton is perfect. It’s not all about the race track, as it’s also a great venue. It has 400 acres of land to choose from to host your wedding, with a venue that can hold from between 40 and 250 guests. What makes it great is that you can have your wedding on a race day to have an amazing atmosphere, or not to just revel in the beauty of the venue.

Alton Towers – Staffordshire

It may be well known as a theme park, but the grounds that the rides are built around are simply breath-taking. The hotel is extravagant for an elegant ceremony, and afterwards, photos can be taken on the rides. The big kids who are getting married can enjoy an event run smoothly by professional staff and then a day of fun at the theme park itself.

The Subterranean Lake – Cornwall

Cave weddings are becoming one of the largest trends in unique venues. In Carnglaze Caverns, the Underground Lake can hold up to 35 guests for an adventurous occasion. Yes, fascinators will have to be replaced for hard hats for part of the event, but the candlelit cave has an atmosphere like no other. It’s open all year and has a bar which is available to hire for the reception, making it one of the perfect all-round venues for your wedding.

Hedingham Castle – Essex

Whether your wedding has a medieval theme or not, castles are becoming an increasingly popular venue. With amazing architecture dated back to almost 1,000 years, Hedingham Castle overlooks a stunning lake and wooded grounds. This makes it perfect for taking photographs of your special day. It may not be unusual in the terms of eccentric, but it will have the absolute ‘wow’ factor, to enthral your guests.

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