Warm places for the Winter

Whilst some people love the cold and the brisk breeze slapping them in the face as they walk to work, many people prefer the comforts of the warmth and in terms of holidays, the relaxation associated with it. If you are looking to trade your six layers for a swimsuit this winter, then these destinations may interest you. If you are planning a trip overseas it is worth taking sometime to compare travel money ratesto ensure you get the best deal possible. There are services online such as Compare ICE Travel Money that will allow you to compare travel money rates online.

Canary Islands

Due to their proximity to the UK, the Canary Islands are a popular choice for UK travellers looking to catch some warm winter weather. Tenerife is the biggest of the islands and similarly the largest in terms of tourist following and number of resorts. It is argued that the Gran Canaries has the best beaches of the region, so it is worth looking into what island intrigues you the most. Luckily the weather in the winter for this region is in the mid 20C range, so wherever you decide to go, you are guaranteed some sun.


Flying to Egypt isn’t too far a journey from the UK and it is guaranteed to be warm throughout the winter. Similar to the Canary Islands, you can anticipate warm mid 20 Celsius temperatures. There is a huge range of options once arriving in Egypt, but it would almost be disrespectful not to visit the great city of Cairo and the historic national treasures such as ‘The Sphinx’ and ‘The Citadel,’ the latter even has a museum. The Cairo tower is the most modern landmark, but you can enjoy a meal in the restaurant and look out onto the whole of Cairo from a truly spectacular vantage point. A slow cruise of the Nile will allow you to admire the landscape at a leisurely pace whilst soaking up some sunshine.


Whilst Florida may be an obvious choice for Europeans looking to catch some sunshine in the USA, Arizona offers a different climate and truly fascinating landscapes. Parts of Arizona are covered in lush greens, while others are full of red rock, canyons and desert, making it a truly captivating spot for anyone who is passionate about hiking or exploring. Phoenix is the best place to visit in Arizona as you will get the chance to experience a vibrant city and eat at restaurants with breath-taking landscape views. From Phoenixyou will have to travel by carto visit some of the more spectacular natural wonders of the world, but the time it takes will be worthwhile. Canyon de Chelly, The Grand Canyon and Bell Rock Pathway are all notable mentions for landmarks to visit and tourists can expect to enjoy temperatures of around 18-24C if they visit in the late autumn/early winter season.

There are many more great summer destinations to travel to, but many of them come with a price tag. It is important to get your travel moneyahead of time and leave you with one less thing to worry about.

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