What to do in Broome, Australia

When you’re travelling around Australia, it’s easy to just visit the big cities: Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast are top travel spots for any tourist Down Under.

However, if you stay on the east coast, you are missing out on some of the most beautiful sights that Australia has to offer. The west coast has a myriad of hidden treasures that any traveller would love to explore. If you’re looking to experience Australia on another level, Broome in Western Australia is a must-visit spot – add these locations to your itinerary for a trip you’ll never forget.

Road trip from Perth to Broome

One of the best ways to see the magnificent sights of the west coast is to road trip. Take a plane from the east coast to Perth, stay there for a few days to explore the beautiful beaches and the city life, then find a place with used cars in Perth (such as John Hughes Online) and drive up to Broome. You’ll see plenty of beautiful cliffs and beaches and drive through more national parks than you can count on one hand – the cost of petrol will be well worth it for this road trip.

Cable Beach

One of Broome’s prime tourist destinations, Cable Beach is a beautiful white beach that stretches over 22km. With beautiful sunsets and sunrises every day, and no commercial spoils that are common of the Gold Coast, Cable Beach is an idyllic paradise to spend days tanning, catching up on your swimming skills, or simply to relax and enjoy the otherworldly nature of the landscape around you.

Staircase to the Moon

If you visit Broome between March and October every year, be prepared for a very special treat. At Roebuck Bay during the full moon, the light shines down across the mudflats to create the illusion of a staircase that ascends to the sky – just don’t try to climb it, otherwise you’ll be in for a surprise!

Gantheaume Point
After something a little more historical? How about 125 million years’ worth of history? During low tide at Gantheaume Point, you’ll be able to see dinosaur footprints preserved in the reef rock; if you miss out, don’t worry because you can also visit Anastasia’s Pool, a natural therapeutic spa pool, or take a hovercraft tour around Roebuck Bay and Gauntheaume Point.

Kayla Evans is a travel junkie who has been to Broome more times than she can count. Her favourite pastime in Broome is watching the sunrise at Cable Beach – it’s an unforgettable experience.

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