What Will You Do in the Evenings While Travelling?

Filling your day with activities when you are abroad isn’t likely to be a problem but what do you do in the evenings? If you are travelling alone you might find long evenings sitting in your hotel room to be a bit boring, so why not try out one or more of these ideas?

Go Online for a Wager

If you have a laptop with you and can get a Wi-Fi connection then you can play some casino games, have a go at bingo or maybe bet on a sporting event. This is a fun way to pass a few hours if you don’t have much else to do and don’t fancy watching the TV until you go to sleep. If you don’t know what sites to look up then try looking up the likes of a sportsbook review to get you started. Instead of going online in your room I would suggest seeing if you can get Wi-Fi in the hotel bar or in a nearby restaurant which looks safe and friendly. You might even find that you can get connected in the local plaza or beach but be sure to avoid badly lit or potentially dangerous places.

Listen to Music and Watch Dancing

Just about anywhere you go in the world there is likely to be a local tradition of music and dance which they are proud of. For example, if you are in Spain you can go to a flamenco show, while in Argentina you can watch some tango, in Mexico it would be mariachi and so on. These are often touristy events which involve a meal, a drink and a good few hours worth of entertainment in the evening.

Go to the Cinema

How you do this will depend largely upon how comfortable you are with the local language. If you can understand it well then you could go and watch a national film production in the local language and really feel immersed in the culture. If that sounds too difficult for you then you could settle for an English dubbed movie and simply pass a couple of hours munching popcorn (yes, this seems to be the cinema food of choice everywhere in the world) and having a good time while surrounded by people.

Do Some Reading

There are few better pastimes when you are abroad than reading a book.  A good suggestion would be to read a history book or travel book about the place where you are, and plan your next day’s adventures while you are doing it. Alternatively, you might want to study the language you are surrounded by and try to make sense of a few of the words you heard or saw during the day. As with the internet idea, it is best to avoid simply sitting in your hotel room. Look for a safe, comfortable bar or touristy restaurant where you can nurse a drink or two for a couple of hours without anyone hassling you.



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