Where would you visit with £50k?

Experience award-winning luxury, walk barefoot on a private beach and feast on fine dining cooked by your own chef – this is what a £50,000 holiday can look like. Whether you get a cash injection from an inheritance or a winning streak on Posh Bingo, whatever the amount, there’s no harm in dreaming big.

Mother Nature has blessed many corners of the globe, but here are some of the most idyllic places on the planet for those planning a holiday that’s out of this world.


One of the ultimate long-haul luxury destinations, the Maldives is more often than not top of the list for honeymooners and those with a generous pot of cash.

And it’s no wonder given its superior beaches, cobalt blue waters and warm welcome, which makes it stand out as one of the world’s most beautiful paradise islands.

Nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a series of ancient coral reefs that grew out of towering prehistoric volcanoes. While these immense volcanic structures have long since sunk into the ocean, coral islands of incredible natural beauty have been left behind in their place.

The Seychelles

Made up of 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean, it’s no surprise the beaches of the Seychelles are the big attraction.

But there’s much more to the region – having earned the reputation of a paradigm of ecotourism, it’s a top spot to watch tropical birds and tortoises in their natural habitat. What’s more, beneath the azure waters there’s a whole different world to discover.

And if that’s not good enough for you then pay a visit to Fregate Island four degrees south of the equator. This private island will set you back £6,000 for eight nights but the uniquely peaceful setting and abundantly tropical beauty will help you forgot all about your bank balance.


With many famous people attracted to the beautiful island of Antigua you may well spot celebrities relaxing there in their second homes.

Some of the Caribbean’s most exclusive resorts can be found in the myriad of bays and inlets, making it a superb destination for those after a taste of the high life.

Combine this with lush undulating hills and picture perfect panoramas and a vibrant culture. Night owls can soak up the culture by joining locals dancing to the traditional, melodic sounds of soca and calypso or for a spot of bingo on the beach.

With £50,000 in your pocket you could even hire your own private beach – with exclusive resorts all to yourself you’re sure to enjoy world-class service fit for royalty while basking in a tropical paradise.


Ready-made for exploration or relaxing, the islands of the Bahamas are bursting with endless possibilities.

You can do every water-based activity imaginable and as the oceans surrounding the islands are crystal clear, snorkelling, diving and swimming with dolphins are just a handful of the options available to tourists.

With a cash injection of £50,000 there’s no need to slum it in a BnB, instead consider leaving the rest of the world with an island all to yourself complete with your own chauffeur, butler, chef and beach.


Breathtaking natural beauty awaits guests to Hawaii and the six unique islands all offer something slightly different to ensure the trip of a lifetime.

Home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes and the tallest under-sea mountain, geography takes in everything from lush rainforest, snow-capped mountaintops, volcanic deserts and beautiful beaches.

While there may be no private beaches, ultra-luxurious guest houses and hotels will more than help you feel comfortable so you can put your feet up after a hard day sightseeing and unwind with a bath, bottle of bubbly or game of online bingo.


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