Why England is a great winter holiday destination

From brisk walks through the countryside to family-friendly amusement parks to a host of bustling Christmas markets throughout the country, England offers a great deal of options for individuals and groups to enjoy during a memorable winter holiday.  Whether travellers prefer activities and sights that are traditional or contemporary, active or relaxing, historical or commercial, the diverse number of options to choose from throughout the country guarantees visitors a unique experience every winter.

A visit to Sherwood Forest and more

Blending a great outdoor experience with plenty of family fun, a visit to Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire is a great way to spend a winter holiday.  Tread the ancient paths of the oak forest where Robin Hood and his Merry Men roamed and bask in the beauty of the forest on a frosty morning.  The Sherwood Forest area is also home to one of Centre Parcs all-inclusive amusement resorts.  Day spa luxury, cosy dinners, outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking, indoor fitness and a host of other activities are all available, which is more than enough to keep even the most demanding traveller satisfied.

Peak holidays all year round

The craggy tops and breathtaking valleys of the Peak District are a popular destination for holiday travellers year-round, even in the wintertime.  Outdoor activity is still popular despite the cold weather, with plenty of opportunities to go hiking, walking and horseback riding in the crisp fresh air.  Christmas time is a popular period for visiting, with plenty of happy holidaymakers stopping by the Peak District National Park and nearby Alton Towers in Staffordshire.  This much-loved theme park offers up electrifying Christmas displays and plenty of festive activities sure to please.

Holiday markets galore

A staple of the country for over 25 years, the Christmas markets that spring up throughout the country during the holiday season draw holidaymakers to a variety of cities and towns throughout England.  Travellers are sure to find a traditional Victorian; Dickensian or German-style market located in a city or town during their travels, which will be well worth a lingering visit.

Owing to its location as Charles Dickens’ final resting place, the city of Rochester is home to a wonderful celebration of all things Christmas and Dickens during the holidays.  Craft booths, delicious seasonal foods and performances and readings of classic Dickens stories draw crowds of visitors year after year.

Bristol features a number of Christmas markets, including the German Christmas Market, complete with plenty of traditional foods and treats, wooden toys, beautiful glass Christmas decorations and amber jewellery.

A very Victorian Christmas is the guaranteed in Gloucester, with the city’s historical docks forming the backdrop for the annual Christmas market.  Characters in costume reminiscent of a Dickens novel sell wares, food and drink and entertain in the streets.

Where to stay on a winter holiday

The range of places to stay during a winter holiday is almost limitless.  Traditional cottages are very popular in many of the northern regions, while urban areas offer the standard hotels of various prices, from budget to deluxe, as well as popular subletting options.  Budget-minded travellers in search of great deals on great rooms can find hotels at Expedia.

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