Why Puerto Vallarta is the Place to Go


If you are looking for the perfect holiday destination, you have a very difficult choice! The world is a wonderful place that offers many glorious locations, and each has its own attractions and attributes. The rise of cheap air travel means we can now afford to visit exotic and exciting destinations in many countries, so where do you go for the best holiday and the most exciting and cost-effective break?

We suggest you take a look at Puerto Vallarta, one of the premier resorts in Mexico, and a quite wonderful place to take a family holiday or a romantic break. In recent years it has been sympathetically developed and now offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy Mexican weather and hospitality, and you will find a wide choice of Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals, each with its own attractions. All are luxuriously appointed villas in prime locations, and you can enjoy your own outdoor areas, often with cooking facilities.

Why Puerto Vallarta above all others? This is a city that has everything: from stunning beaches to wonderful restaurants serving amazing local dishes, to the surrounding mountain regions with glorious waterfalls and rivers, plus a friendly welcome everywhere you go, Puerto Vallarta will prove itself to be the perfect holiday destination for you and your family.

The Delights of Puerto Vallarta

There is much to recommend when it comes to this delightful and welcoming city; we will talk about the accommodation later, but first, what is it that makes this place so enchanting? The city itself is a mix of 19th century colonial buildings, the central plaza being a particular delight, plus more modern architecture, and it is a very pleasant place to walk around. Charming shops, bustling markets and friendly cafes abound, and it is a relatively small city and one that is largely pedestrianised.

Most of the villas in Puerto Vallarta are within a short walk of the beach, and it is for the beaches that the resort is largely known. Puerto Vallarta is located on the Bay of Banderas, a stunning stretch of the Pacific Coast, and the many beaches are quite spectacular indeed. Playa Olas Altas, or High Waves Beach, is a popular place for swimming – the waves are not actually that high – and is home to several fine beach-front restaurants.

Playa Las Caletas is a secluded beach that is now a nature reserve – perfect for snorkelling – and was once the private retreat of John Huston, the legendary film director. These are just two of the many excellent beaches that can be found around Puerto Vallarta, and there are many with fine features and magnificent places to relax, sunbathe and eat.

In fact, diving is a must off the coast here, with fabulous coral reefs and a variety of exotic and amazing wildlife to observe. In season, the bay is a popular place to watch whales, which make a quite splendid sight. Check the local travel guides for when is best to see them, and arrange your visit accordingly.

Enjoy the Nightlife

While the day can be spent relaxing on the beach, diving among the rocks or enjoying a drink in an outdoor bar, the evenings in Puerto Vallarta can be very lively! The town is home to many excellent bars – check out those next to the Malecon, the paved walkway on the shore that features many excellent sculptures, or head to the Old Town, where you can find a selection of great restaurants and bars. The city is home to a number of great clubs, too, so you can dance the night away if you wish!

As for eating out, you simply must try the local restaurants for the traditional seafood dishes; grilled red snapper in a garlic and spice sauce is a local speciality, while this part of Mexico is also known for Ceviche, a dish of raw fish, scallops or shrimp served with peppers in lime juice which has to be tried. The local version of a skewered kebab – known as Mahi-mahi – is frequently served on beaches, cooked over coals and served with a hot sauce, and is a fantastic snack! Food is a large part of the culture of Mexico, so make sure you try what you can while you are there.

Your Luxury Villa

After a relaxing day on the beach, you may just want to spend some quality time at your luxury villa. Most feature a pool, usually heated so perfect for the evening, and you can choose from those that sleep four people to larger villas with occupancy of as many as 12. The location of your villa will usually be within a few minutes’ walk of the beach and the main attractions of the town, and you can choose whether you want a part-catered or self-catering villa. If you choose the latter, check out the excellent local markets for fresh produce to cook.

Puerto Vallarta is easily accessible from the local international airport, just a short bus ride from the resort, and flights from countries around the world are frequent. We are lucky to live in an age where luxurious, exotic resorts such as this are not only accessible but affordable, so why not check out Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals in more detail? You will be sure to find a villa in a quite spectacular location, with quite amazing facilities and furnishings, for a price that you will agree is surprisingly affordable.

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