Why rent a holiday villa in France

Renting a holiday villa is a popular form of accommodation during your stay. Contrary to hotels, you are your own boss, able to come and go at will. In recent years holidaymakers looking for such holiday found many locations across Europe and their popularity comes and goes as the seasons change, but one location remains a favorite choice for many. France offers a number of attractions, which can help explain its popularity and these include:

Easy travel – The most popular part within France is South of the country, a region that is very close to the UK. Arriving at your destination can often be stressful in particular if you favor one transport method over the other and such method is not offered due to the distance. Traveling to France can be done by air, sea, rail and road so you are really spoiled for choice. Duration of the travel if using a service like the Eurostar can be cut to less than two hours.

Varied accommodation – France offers a range of properties and these can suit a wide range of parties. Couples might wish to rent an apartment or small cottage, while larger parties such as families might consider a French villa more suitable. The point is, think of your most desired holiday home and you would likely find it there.

Much to do – The country includes varied landscape, which will give you and your party much to explore. The most popular regions are Dordogne, Lot Valley, Languedoc and Provence. Each offers unique attractions so there is a good likelihood that you will find something of interest. For example, Dordogne is famous for its 1000 castles and chateaux that are scattered throughout its 50 cantons, while Provence includes lush lavender fields, crystal clear turquoise water, pebble stone and sand beaches. Of course, you can always just put your feet up and enjoy a swim in your private pool.

Plenty of English speakers – It helps if you are able to communicate with the local population, just in case you do not speak the language. Most of the local population, in particular in the touristy areas have good English, which can help make your stay more relaxing.

Value for money – In recent years more and more holiday homes have found their way to various listings and forms on-line. It means that as holidaymaker you have more choice than ever and this competition means that you are sure to get the best villa for your money.

Enjoy your holiday villas wherever you decide to go!



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