Winter Sun: The Canary Islands

If you crave the warmth and sunshine, along with that uplifted, happy feeling that inevitably seems to go with it, then heading off to the Canary Islands in the winter offers exactly that. Do not expect to go there and find it dull, as although all places are prone to the ever unreliable climate, in general The Canary Islands will offer a true winter sun experience.

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The largest of the Canary Islands, this island is perhaps the most well known too. Its large volcano can be seen from almost anywhere you visit, and erupted last century, albeit it in the early 1900s.

Typically divided into the north and south of the island, the north is more typically volcanic, with black pebbled beaches in contrast with the more golden sands that are found in the south.

Tenerife is a very popular tourist attraction all year round, and whilst some locations offer a lively night scene, there are of course more traditional holiday destinations to ensure all tastes are catered for.


As with all of the Canary Islands, volcanic landscape plays large in how they look. It may not always be traditional sandy beaches, but surely a holiday is about experiencing different things. And of course, like all Canary Islands, you are near Africa, and the sunny weather reflects this. Just imagine getting on a plane in the cold, and getting off with the heat literally taking your breath away, and that is what to expect from the Canary Islands.

One undeniable element of Lanzarote is it caters well for families. Water parks and family hotels ensure fun is on tap.


We are now in true sandy beach holiday territory, which lends itself well to a thriving water sport industry too.

Whether you are happy to lie on the beach on day in beautiful, bright sunshine, or fancy something more energetic, you will very quickly forget that this is the winter.

Don’t forget that winter sun holidays, other than Christmas and New Year, are considered out of season so you could be relaxing in Fuerteventura for a fraction of what it may cost you at other times of the year.

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