Work Online and See the World without Saving Up a Penny

There are many different ways of seeing the world but they all have one thing in common; months of painstaking saving up before go away. Well, almost all of them have this in common. If you decide to work online while you travel then you can head off without saving anything at all, as long as you take these pieces of advice into account.

Get Steady Work Sorted Out

You won’t want to get round to the other side of the world and then realise that your work has dried up. It is a far better move to spend a couple of months or so working like this before you leave home. That will make you feel confident about being able to have the cash rolling in while you are enjoying life in a distant land. Sites like and are great for finding writing jobs, which is one of the most enjoyable ways of working for many travellers. You will probably want to juggle a few jobs, to avoid flying into a panic if you lose one.  Don’t worry; there are plenty of online jobs out there of all types for you to take a look through.

Go Where Your Cash Is Worth Most

Another benefit to working this way before travelling is that you can work out exactly how much you are likely to earn while away. This is important because you then need to see where you can afford to live for that amount. Let’s say that you expect to earn £30 each day. In this case, you will want to look at places like Latin America and Asia, where food and accommodation is cheap. On the other hand, if you get better paid jobs or work more hours and reach something like £100 a day then the world is your oyster. Don’t forget to work out how you will get hold of the cash you earn before you travel.

Don’t Slacken Off Too Much

When you see the wonders of the world and discover the joy of travelling there is going to be a temptation to do less work and more sightseeing. In this situation you need to remember that it is your job which is allowing you travel in the first place. Sure, you don’t want to spend 15 hours a day in front of the screen and not get to see any of the places you go to, but you can’t expect to travel the world and not do a decent day’s work. Ideally, you will find a routine in each place you visit which lets you make the most of the place while still earning enough to survive. For instance, if you are somewhere with a great nightlife then you could work during the day and go out later on. Alternatively, if you are in a destination which offers a lot more during the day you can maybe do your work when the sun goes down after a day of tourism.


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